Wrong encoding of Greek characters in .csv export file

When exporting reports in .csv file and i have something written in Greek, the export fie is not displaying Greek.
Something probabbly wrong with the encoding.

I’ve noticed this but found I can fix the rendering by changing the encoding when opening the file.

How do you do that ?

I use LibreOffice, the’re an encoding option when opening the file.

If you use Excel maybe this will help: https://superuser.com/a/302878

I found it here https://superuser.com/questions/280603/how-to-set-character-encoding-when-opening-excel

Thank you

One very importnt feature request would be to be able to select from the standartd and from the additional fields which ones to include in the export.
I am very interested in including the customer’s VAT number in this report and it would be gret if i could do so.

Thank you

Are you exporting the data from /settings/import_export, it should already include the VAT number.

No i am exporting from reports, because i don’t want all the customers.

I need to send to my accountant every month a list of all the invoices i issue including the VAT number and tax office of each customer.
To do that now i actually export the monthly report in ecxel and then i write by hand the VAT number and the tax office for each customer.

Ok, understood.

We’ll keep this in mind for the future…