Wrong description transfer from IN to stripe

Hello, I do autobilling from Invoice ninja with stripe SEPA. Since jan2023 stripe retrieve this description ‘texts.stripe_payment_text’ instead of the invoice number. I am always using latest version.
Is this normal?
kind regards


@david any thoughts?


Which language are you using in the app? We’ve had a few people mention this, but we haven’t been able to find what the exact cause of this is.

Hello David, I use french language. I will switch to English and see if it solves the issue

Hello, i did all updates, switching to english doest not solve the problem. Any new ideas? This bug is adding a lot of manual work :s
also i can notice that autobill recuring invoice doest transmit correct invoice number to stripe. Manual payed invoice transmit texts.gateway_payment_text.


Something strange is happening here. I went through and refactored this entire section, so I am puzzled why this continues to impact you.

Can you DM me some screenshots showing what you are seeing?

Also the manual payments issue is confusing, are you saying that when you mark an invoice as paid, the description has gateway_payment_text?


I’ve just had a thought on this.

Can you ensure you have a lang/ directory in the root of your project.

Can you then ensure there is no lang directory in resources/

Laravel 8 → Laravel 9 they moved the location of the language directories, I think this would explain the reason why you are seeing these keys.

David, you are the man. Moving the ressources/lang directory solved the problem and also, one other problem with autobilling was fixed with one of last months updates. thanks a lot!!

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