Wrong decimal separator on PDF invoice

My version is v5.2.4-C51. I just upgraded from v5.1.74-C51. I am self-hosted.

The invoice looks fine when I look at it in the regular screens on InvoiceNinja

However, when I go to get a PDF to send/print, the separators are ‘european style’, periods for thousands, and commas for decimals.

I am in Ireland if that makes any difference to how locales are set up.

I’d like to correct this so that I have commas for thousands and periods for decimals.

Can anybody help?


Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david @ben

Let me know if you need to know any other details! Maybe I have done something silly.

I have fiddled around with this more today. It looks like it has to do with the language that is chosen. I was honestly very confused by this. It wasn’t obvious at all what was going on. This customer was set at ‘default language’ as far as I can tell. I may have started this invoice before I set the system language, so there may have been an awkward sequencing here.

Maybe something picked up on the fact that I was using euros and went on the basis of that. Many euro countries do indeed use periods for thousands. But Ireland and maybe a few others do not. I think it is all in CLDR - Unicode Common Locale Data Repository

Thanks for the info! I believe the app should use the client’s country when determining the format.

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I had a new client there in the Middle East.

Again, this issue. The standard locale tables for the country seem to indicate the use of a comma as a decimal separator for this country.

I decided to leave it and send the invoice with that formatting.

But for me it is kind of weird that my invoice format varies depends on the country I am sending to. There is a logic to it, sure, but somehow it doesn’t feel quite right!

@david any thoughts, is there a pending change for this?


I am tagging a release shortly with a fix for this.