Wrong balance due

Hello, I have a problem with the aggregated view for a customer. It shows me that I have an amount of money due but that is not the case.

I assume that this occured due to the following:

I made several manual payments from the customer to me because I wanted to backlog those payments without making proper invoices. But then I changed my mind. I created proper invoices and marked them as payed. Now I deleted the old manual payments. Somehow the overview for the customer now shows me that some amount is still due. How can I fix this? Delete the whole customer and start over?


@david any thoughts?

When you delete a payment. It reverses the payments made to the invoices. It sounds like that is what has happened.

Maybe. Problem is that I only deleted the manual payments that didn’t have an invoice connected to them. The actual invoices that I later made are still marked as payed and have connected payments.

So - to solve this I have deleted the whole customer including all invoices and started over. Somehow, I still get the same result. How is this possible? The Ledger is correct, but the Overview is not.