Writing Off Invoices

Hi guys, me again…

I have a bunch of “test” invoices I ran through the system while I was testing and in my old system there was an option to “Write-Off” an invoice but with Invoice Ninja I can only “Delete” the invoice.

If I do this and then run a tax report there’ll be gaps in my invoice numbers surely and that might raise questions, no…?

Ideal scenario would be to “Write-Off” an invoice because occassionally I do issue an invoice and the client never pays. I can’t have this as an outstanding balance and I’d prefer not to delete it because if the client ever comes back I’d need to know if there was ever an invoice that was “written-Off” so I can re-issue the invoice to carry on providing services.

Does that make sense…? Maybe there’s a method I can use that’s already available in Invoice Ninja…?

For example, if I “Delete” an invoice I assume the hard record in the database stays there but the value is taken way from any accounting or reports I might do…?

You are correct, deleted records remain in the database (to ensure referential integrity) but aren’t displayed in reports.

We’ll keep this in mind for the future…

Thanks for that. I’ll go and delete them.

Do “Deleted” records show in the reports if you set them to, is there an option to see how much revenue you have in theory “written off”…?

No, deleted data isn’t shown anywhere.

Just in case, you could open these invoices and then add a negative value to make it all zero. Eg, if the invoice total is $15, add a line item with value -$15.

I did that in order to keep old invoices from deadbeat clients (which I knew would never pay me) without them affecting reports.

Also, in accounting, isn’t this (adding an offset value) what is called ‘writing off’?


I would prefer the option of just marking an invoice “written off”, i.e. no payment ever expected, as well.

Customers are also able to STILL py a deleted invoice.

Customers can pay archived invoices but deleted invoices aren’t accessible in the client portal.