WorldPay Integration


Trying to setup so as to take payments via WorldPay
My WorldPay details are
Service key
Client key

InvoiceNinja details are
Installation Id
Account Id
Secret Word
Callback Password

I expect you can see my confusion. Some help on this would be most appreciated.


Sorry, I’m not sure. We use this Omnipay driver which defines the parameters:

It appears Omnipay is different variables to what WorldPay provide.

We have…
Service key
Client key

Ninja and Omnipay want…
Account Id
Secret Word

Sorry, the Omnipay driver is supported by the community

er, so, OmniPay is my only option is it ?
WorldPay is in the dropdown list, and Ninja website boast how it integrates with so many merchants, Wordpay being one of them, is this not the case then ?

I’m not sure, if you’re able to provide the right credentials it may work.

Some gateways are more heavily used than others…