Wont download invoice on IPAD

When a customer, on an IPAD , vews there portal and then an invoice they can see the invoice ok but when the click the download button they get a screen full of asci characters and no download. I assume they are using Safari.

Can you fix this please.


I’ll try to replicate the problem.

Are you using invoiceninja.com or are you self hosting?

Hi Hillel. Self hosting. Invoice Ninja works perfectly in all other cases but two of my customers using IPADS just get a screen full of ascii characters on a white screen instead of a downloaded pdf.

Also I am not running PhantomJS locally

Which version of the app are you using?

It’s possible setting up PhantomJS locally will help, I believe it’s used as a fallback with some browsers.

Using 4.01 whitelist

where do I find the .env file? Found it. It was hidden of course :slight_smile:

It’s in the root folder of the project

Is Phantom js installed or do I have to download it and install it?

I’ve checked the code, either phantomjs solution (local or cloud) should help.

Hi Hillel.

I didnt realise that I had to sign up to cloudfare for a key DOH.

I have added the key to my env file and its ok now.

Thanks again

You shouldn’t have to sign up, I believe the default key supports 100 requests per day.

Well I have signed up for free and got a key. It seems to be working on my mac so i will see how the customers get on with the IPADS.

Thanks again