Windows Install Procedures

I have more experience in the Windows world than Linux and I’d like to run self-hosted Invoice Ninja on our Applications Server (Windows Server 2012 R2).

I’ve installed PHP from the Web Platform Installer and installed MySQL. I am a little stuck on setting up Mcrypt and then how to really get going with the Invoice Ninja files. Was hoping someone can point me in the direction for some documentation to continue this setup.


Any suggestions on Mcrypt for Windows?

Did you have any luck installing it on windows server? Wanting to do the same…

Will be attempting this as well. If I find how to get it done I’ll post the details.

I found a site that used another product to get it done, but it’s no longer available.

I’ve got a Windows server up with IIS AND installed PHP, but not getting much else so far. Will keep checking.

That was the original link I found, but the method doesn’t work anymore it seems.

WAMP was recently mentioned to me. Going to try that.