Windows app high CPU usage


I really like the Windows app so far compared to the web app, mostly for its sharper text and smoother animations (the white top bar is a bit distracting though).

Web app (Edge):

Windows app:

That being said, the main gripe I have with the Windows version is the relatively high CPU usage. Right now I have several (didn’t count) tabs open in Edge, including the Invoice Ninja web app - and it idles at 0% to 0,5% CPU usage on a 4ghz i7 processor. Well in comparison, Invoice Ninja for Windows idles at a whopping 12-15%:

Notice that my whole CPU load with tons of Windows services, background apps, etc. is at 22% and IN is at 15,5%, so about 70% of my total CPU load at the moment.

What can explain this?

Thanks in advance

Yeah, it’s not good… We’re looking into the problem, there’s more info here:

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