Windows & Android apps not working

After updating to the latest version of Invoice Ninja, now both windows and android app keeps loading for hours and doesn’t display anything. Please fix it.


Are you using the latest version backend and Windows/Android apps?

It may help to delete and reinstall the apps.

Yes, I have everything on latest versions. I can access web-based version of my account without any issues. The issue is in apps only. I will re-install the apps now and will let you know if that worked or not.

Just reinstalled both. Android app is not even showing login page while windows app is showing but not letting me login now. showing an error saying that “Failed host lookup :”. I can easily access the web-based version without any issues.

Was anything else changed besides from updating the app?

Are you using the exact same URL to login as you’re using to access the web app?

@david do you have any suggestions?

Yes, Im using the exact same URL on both apps. I didnt changed anything beside updating the apps.

Im really sorry. that was my own fault. both apps are working fine. I added DNSSEC to my domains yesterday which broke the websites. Previously when I was able to access my account, it was getting it from cache. as soon as I switched to incognito mode, I couldnt access my domain. Deleted DNSSEC data from my domain and everything came back to normal.
Really sorry for the inconvenience.

No worries, glad to hear it’s sorted!