Will v4 and v5 hosted stay synced?

I just ran the migration to v5 but it’s going to take me a while to make sure it’s setup, our API calls work etc. I will still need to use v4 in production in the meantime. What happens to all the new invoices I create in v4 and payments etc? Will they sync over to the hosted v5 install or will I end up with an outdated set of data in v5 when I finally move over 100% to it in a few weeks or a month or whenever I’m sure it’s all set and ready to go?



v4 and v5 are not kept in sync, they are completely separate systems.

If you want to continue using v4 while setting up v5 you can:

  • Export your v5 data/settings as JSON.
  • Re-migrate from v4 to update the data in v5
  • Import the settings from the JSON file