Why "Whoops, looks like something went wrong."


  1. Installed Ninja V. 4.5.32 via Softaculous
  2. When going to either link, be it Admin or Public, I get the error:
    “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”

Not a very helpful error explanation.

What, went wrong? Is there a place to find a “Whoops” code that might point to the cause - whoops doesn’t.

PROCESS Repeats:

  1. I uninstalled it via Soaftaculous
  2. Reinstalled via Softaculous
  3. Login "Whoops " repeats unknown error.

Basic System Specs:

Hosting Package default
Server Name NN
cPanel Version 86.0 (build 36)
Apache Version 2.4.46
PHP Version 5.6.40
MySQL Version 10.3.27-MariaDB
Architecture x86_64
Operating System linux
Shared IP Address ###.###.###.###
Path to Sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail
Path to Perl /usr/bin/perl
Perl Version 5.10.1
Kernel Version 2.6.32-754.24.3.el6.x86_64

Thank you for taking the time read this, and any help is greatly :heart: appreciated.



There should be more details in the logs in storage/logs/laravel-error.log

The error is loogged as:

[2021-02-16 07:47:26] production.ERROR: ErrorException [0] : /home/interninc/public_html/ninja/app/Models/Account.php [Line 1126] => Unparenthesized a ? b : c ?: d is deprecated. Use either (a ? b : c) ?: d or a ? b : (c ?: d) {“context”:“PHP”,“user_id”:0,“account_id”:0,“user_name”:"",“method”:“GET”,“user_agent”:“Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/88.0.4324.150 Safari/537.36”,“locale”:“en”,“ip”:“NO.NO.NO.NOPE”,“count”:1,“is_console”:“no”,“is_api”:“no”,“db_server”:“mysql”,“url”:"/"} []

Immediately after install, the provided links…
https://name.com/ninja” AND
https://name.com/ninja/public/login” are both are redirected to

YOUVE GOT TO BE JOKING!!! I spend the time to pull together required information so I can find out what Whoops! stands for and am blocked from adding the 3 other redirect link errors until I make more posts!!! Seriously!

How many posts must I make so I can show you the rest of the redirect links? It is very close to not worth it.

the other 3 links are banned until I post more. Do you mind waiting?

The link emailed does the same.
This is the 4th install…

Do you have a quick link to something that deciphers the log entry error code now that it has -something-? Google crashed for a split second. :slight_smile:


Invoice Ninja v4 does not support PHP 7.4, you need to downgrade to PHP 7.3.

Using PHP 7.4 requires upgrading to Invoice Ninja v5.

I tried to install via Softaculous.

I did 2 installs:

  1. Softaculous: With PHP V. 7.4, installed Ninja V. 5.1.31 in it’s own sub-folder. After install, and trying to access the admin or /ninja resulted in several oops and/or unknown errors. Errors were not recorded in “Errors” (raw) none in Raw Access. UNINSTALLED

  2. Softaculous: Chose Version Ninja 4.5.35. and PHP 7.3. This loaded. OK, it’s the old version, maybe deprecated soon?

Will 5.1.31 be upgraded to work with PHP 7.4^ soon? Other 'wares on the server require PHP 7.4

Thanks - it looks great so far.


Not sure, v5 should already support PHP 7.4.

If you can send the specific error you’re seeing it would be helpful.