"Whoops, looks like something went wrong."


Yesterday I’ve done the new update to 4.1.2. I saw that there was a new option available in the settings “show signature on invoice/quote”. But when I apply that option and click save it gives me the following error: “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”, on a styled page. I also get this error when I try to click save in the products settings.

If this is only on my installation, what do I need to do? Else I hope this can be fixed in the next version.

Update: I also get this in email settings

Please check for details about the error in storage/logs/laravel-error.log

It may help to load /update (or /public/update)

I think something went wrong updating. The Laravel error logs show that some columns are missing in the database. These are probably new columns added by the update.

I only can’t run /update. It needs ‘proc_open’. Is there some other way to fully update the database?

proc_open not being enabled is why the update didn’t work.

Do you have command line access?


I don’t unfortunately. I do have access to the database. Maybe I can execute some queries that create the missing fields

We don’t advise making manual changes to the database, it often times causes problems.

Uhmmm is there another way?

One option would be to setup the app with a copy of your database on a server where you have command line access and then run php artisan migrate –pretend to get the raw SQL to run on the production server.


If my hosting provider can execute something in the command line, what command(s) do they need to execute? I am trying to contact them at the moment to ask if they can and want.

composer dump-autoload --optimize
php artisan optimize --force
php artisan migrate
php artisan db:seed --class=UpdateSeeder

I think it’s better to move my Invoice Ninja installation to another server (a VPS). I hope it works there. Can I move all files from my current installation or do I need to install it all over again? (I don’t want to lose the progress I’ve made so far)

It’s probably easiest to setup a new install and copy over your database and .env file.