Whoops, looks like something went wrong TODAY

I just logged in today (login screen was fine and working) and then was immediately presented with " Whoops, looks like something went wrong." I have verified that my nginx intstall is (still) running php 7.3, not sure what else to check, and don’t see anything in the nginx error logs. What can I do?

The only thing I can think of that is different today (and which is causing me headaches on a separate server) is the dreaded expiration of let’s encrypt’s root CA. but it doesn’t seem related since all websites on this server are still working, and I could get to login screen and login, and the error page displays.

in the storage logs I find this:

[2021-09-30 08:23:47] production.ERROR: ***Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalThrowableError*** [0] : /var/www/mysite/app/Libraries/CurlUtils.php [Line 21] => Call to undefined function App\Libraries\curl_init() 

but I checked and curl seems to be installed, so what could suddenly be causing this?

Sorry not sure, I suggest double checking curl_init is available