WHM Integration

Something for the roadmap maybe…

If there were to be say two hidden fields for each client:
• cPanel User
• cPanel Password

The theoretically once an invoice becomes overdue a small piece of code on the server could suspend that client’s cPanel account.

I coded a similar thing myself some time ago and it worked a treat but that billing system’s no longer supported so unable to use it.

We’re considering adding custom contact fields, this could be a good use case.

Absolutely. Looking forward to it.

Not a great workaround for storing passwords, but why not use the private notes field in the meantime?

Or, why not reverse the thing and create a standalone script which would directly check all overdue invoices in the database and then suspend these clientes?

<-- Coder. Doh. Why didn’t I think of that…?


And… Drum roll…

The code is rudimentary but tomorrow I can integrate it into a CRON job and hey presto, an automated account suspension script for WHM owners !

Would you mind sharing how you achieved to do that


Can I please know how you did this? Im looking into this aswell :slight_smile: