White Screen of Death on React Interface after 5.4.4 upgrade

Hi Team,
I upgraded to the latest invoice ninja v5.4.4 and that went fine and cleaned up the usual. During the upgrade I had to fix some some livewire stuff as I normal with each upgrade. I decided to switch to the React interface and now I have the blank/white screen of death. How do I revert back to Flutter interface?


@david @ben any ideas?

You can change back to the Flutter app by running this SQL command.

UPDATE accounts SET set_react_as_default_ap = 0;

Hi hillel,
I looked and the DB was already set to 0 interestingly but still white screen. But this has caused another issue which is caused my install to go back to setup. Im trying to trouble shoot now.

I have the same issue, any updates on this ?

Seems i have this issue only with Firefox and the Mac Desktop app, i am able to access the servers uing Edge and Chrome, also the iphone app works with no issues.

I tried clearing the cache for Firefox, but now Firefox saying cannot display the website at all.

Tried deleting the Mac Desktop app and reinstalling it, however the app keep spinning and doesn’t display anything.

My issue got resolved, after cleaning cache i had to clean DNS cache on my mac for some reason, now Firefox and desktop app works as expected.