White label


We have chosen to white label invoice ninja so that we may begin customizing the client portal, can you tell us how we may go about doing so?


Also when we go to add a new user under user management, the page refreshes and it says “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” regardless of which privileges we give to the user.


If you open up Invoice Ninja and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see Powered by InvoiceNinja.com - v<#.#.#> | White label

Click the White Label Link, and then “Buy License.” It’ll take you to an invoice where you can hit “Pay Now”.

With regard to the error please check you’re running the latest version (v3.3.3).

Hi Titanfall,

thanks for your response however we have already paid for the white labelling of invoice ninja, hence the question as we do not see other options although we have noticed that the invoice ninja logo is no longer in the client invoice or email.

Hi Hillel,
Appreciate the prompt response, turns out we have version 3.3.1 how do we go about upgrading?


The white label license only removes our branding, it doesn’t enable customizing the client portal.

Here’s info on upgrading: http://docs.invoiceninja.com/en/latest/update.html

HI sorry you will have to forgive my ignorance, we installed this via scriptaculous, so those instructions aren’t as helpful to me as it would perhaps be to others. If there are instructions a little more in the realm of hand holding that would be appreciated. Also how does one enable the customization of the client portal?

You should be able to automatically update the app through Softaculous.

We currently only support setting custom CSS.

We also get the following page when we try to add a new user under system management “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”

It should be fixed in the latest version (v3.3.3)