White Label License early renewal

So don’t be like me. Bought a new yearly renewal license and installed it thinking it would just add a year to the time I had left on my current license. Lessoned learned it doesn’t and just makes the expiry date one year from when you install it. Lost the time left on the previous license.

Hillel, might want to make that more clear somewhere.

Sorry for the trouble!

We’re working right now to rebuild this functionality in v5, we plan to auto-renew whitelabel licenses in the future.


Did this materialize yet? It doesn’t seem to be too complicated to change from “Just use the invoice date as start date” to “Use the invoice date if no previous license is present, or if a previous license is already present, add 365 days to the expiry date”, which would fix the early renewal nuisance.

We’re still using v4 to bill for white label license, this should happen when we change over to v5.

cc @david