White Label - Licence

Hi I self host Invoice Ninja and I would like to use the white label option to remove the branding from invoice ninja

i was wondering do i gain access to the pro invoice templates with this licence.

If not can i purchase the pro licence but how do i gain access to the pro features on a Self hosted V5 version of invoice ninja :slightly_smiling_face:

Many Thanks for your help. loving the product and its making a huge difference to get the invoices out.



All pro and enterprise features from the hosted app are included in the selfhost version of the app, the white label license only removes the branding.

Oh Fantastic didn’t realise this.

I will go ahead and upgrade to the white label then :slight_smile:

thanks for your quick reply.

Good Afternoon,

How do i get the white label code to install into invoice ninja, I have paid the upgrade cost but nothing has come through. is it delayed or have i not done something.

Many Thanks



The license is on the paid invoice, if you don’t have it you can send an email to contact@invoiceninja.com.