White Label don´t work

Hey, i have buyed a livence for white label an it should work until 15.4.21. Now with the newest update, the Invoice Ninja Logo and URL in the Email signature is on every PDF. I buyed a new license because i hoped, that this will fix the problem, but it is everywhere.

I asked someone who helps me with invoice ninja and they said, that you changed something in the license.

Could you please help me in this case, because i cant send anything with the logo on it.

Thanks a lot


If you want to email your license to contact@invoiceninja.com we can check if it’s valid for you.

Hi, i tried now with many mails to explain, that i buid a license on 15.4.2020 wich should be valid till 15.4.2021 and after the last update to my invoice ninja is not any more white labeld. I decided on 8.4.2021 to buy another license and activated it. Nothing changed. I asked a company which makes the hosting for me, and they sad, that you changed something with the last update in the license.

Can anybody help me in this case please!

it works now :slight_smile: