white label and calling home

Still in testing if invoiceninja might fit our needs.
A few questions regarding the white label and expiration from security perspective.
What information is being transfered from self hosted systems to yours? In general and for white labeling.
How does my self hosted installation know of its expiration?
Will it work when the system is in the intranet without outbound public internet access?
That brings me to the question if invoiceninja works at all when it has not internet access?
Can we buy it for more than one year with a discount?
What is the license bound to (ip, domain, email…)?
Thanks a lot.

  • We send your name, email and application version when registering the app and white labeling
  • It’s tracked in your local database
  • No, the application needs to be able to reach our servers to validate the license
  • The application expects to have internet access, I imagine some things will not work correctly
  • Sorry, we don’t offer multi year licenses
  • You can use it for one active application instance

do we get notified before expiration? and if so how?
does the name and email in the app main account have to match the name and email in contact details of the payment? the app accounts email address is not monitored.

  • We don’t currently support notifications for expiring white label licenses, it is on our roadmap for a future release.
  • No, the name/email do not have to match
  • Correct, we have no access to self hosted installations data

:slight_smile: … with “the app accounts email address is not monitored” i meant that we wouldnt get an email notification if you send one since this account is not monitored by us.
thanks for the answers


I’m using it self hosted and more than happy with it. If it were doing anything it shouldn’t I’m pretty sure I’d know and quite happy with the overall user experience.