Where is the {$client_counter} stored


Sorry if this already have been anwsered but I see a bit the last 2-3 years about the Reset-counter not resetting the client-counters have this been added - first a problem for me next year :wink:

Next up:
Where is the {$client_counter} stored, and can I manually reset this for one client only?


I believe you can edit the settings for the client to adjust their counter.

Yes your right sorry I didn’t see it the first time browsing there but now it shows the counter number it is at right now and I’m able to reset it back to 1 again.

Do you know about the auto-reset-counter (in the global settings) will that reset client-counter now ??? see a couple of old forum threads that mention it and that it wasn’t supported back in 2020-2021 but believes to have seen that there in 2022-2023 have been some git/forum about errors with the reset so I suspects that it have been added - but do you know?

I believe this has been added

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