Where did Zelle go?

I have a few clients who pay me with Zelle and I have noticed that the option for payment coming from Zelle has disappeared from my available options for Payment Types.

How can I add Zelle back in to the hosted, and hide other payment types that I will never use?

We’ll look into adding the option. The app doesn’t support hiding options.

cc @david

So you removed a payment method… why?

@david can we add this back to the list?

Note: they were never supported as a payment gateway, just as an option in the payment type list for manual payments.

Available next release. 5.2.17

I’m running 5.3.3-C58 and I don’t see Zelle as a Payment Type option. Am I missing something?

Thank you.

Edit: I just realized this is under the hosted category. I’m self-hosted w/Docker. Feel free to delete and I will post in the proper category. My apologies.

I’m running self-hosted v5.3.15-C59.
I don’t see ZELLE as Payment Gateway option available?
Any updates?