What is your purchase order workflow? I’m struggling

Looking for some guidance with purchase orders. I’m new to using them in Invoice ninja and in general. I’m wondering what your workflow is for using POs. I’m struggling a bit and maybe it’s just a limitation with the current features of purchase orders within IN.

The issue I’m struggling with is when I create a PO and only some of the order is fulfilled due to items being on back order. I don’t understand how to receive and expense this correctly. I realize I could “zero” out the items that are back ordered. However, when the BO items ship, then how do you match these items to a PO and expense?

I’m assuming this is just a limitation of the PO function in IN. I realize that POs are fairly new to IN, so if this is something others are struggling with maybe consider this a feature request, please.

I would like to know how you all are handling this, currently. Thank you!


I think this is just a limitation, if you’d like the feature to be enhanced please create an issue here:

@hillel Thanks I have submitted a feature request.

In the meantime, hopefully someone has a good workaround or suggestion.