What is the Self hosted login URL for time tracker?

What is the Self hosted login URL for time tracker?

I am on a mac.
I have tried all sorts of variations.

What is the correct way to structure your self hosted ID.
My Invoice Ninja is on a subdomain and I am working on a Mac.

I have tried


all give me 404 error or domain can’t be found. Any help is appreciated.

Thank You

If you’re on a subdomain, you might want to add RewriteBase / to /ninja/public/.htaccess.

https://your.ninja.url/time_tracker should take you straight to it (or have you login if you aren’t already) and it should be browser/OS agnostic. Anything in your webserver error logs?

Thanks for tip.
Found the line in .htaccess, but still no joy.

This is what I see

In case of running InvoiceNinja in a Subdomain like invoiceninja.example.com,

# you have to enable the following line:
RewriteBase / 

Do I have to write anything else after RewriteBase / ?

That should be all that’s needed to make sure it works in a subdomain.

Is it only the time tracker URL that you’re having issues with? Or is it the subdomain as a whole? If it’s the latter, you might want to make sure the A Record is setup properly.

Plug the accounts.yourdomain.com into https://www.whatsmydns.net and if the DNS records have propagated correctly it will let you know. If you see a bunch of red X’s, then that could be your problem.