What is the Process for Annual Taxes in Invoice Ninja via Bookkeeper/Accountant?

I would like to know what the suggested process for doing taxes with a bookkeeper or accountant? I want to be able to get help with USA taxes at the end of the year but there are so many reports options that I am not sure what all is needed for that. I am starting to use Invoice Ninja for a small business and was hoping you could tell me what I need to do to send the data to a bookkeeper/accountant in order to have them prepare the taxes. Its possible I am not being clear with exactly what I want so if you need clarification please let me know.

The best bet would probably be to have your accountant tell you exactly what they need from you as far as reporting. They might want a full Expense report by month along with a Payment report, they might want a Profit & Loss, it’s up to them, and your specific situation.

Another alternative, if they’re willing to learn the interface, is to create an account in your system specifically for them, and set the permissions to only allow viewing invoices, expenses, and payments, and to restrict access to anything else. That will allow them to look through the information themselves, but not change anything or see anything other than those items. You can also give them view access to Reports. AFAIK not having the Create permission will simply prevent them from creating a schedule, but should still let them run whatever report they need. However, @Hillel will be able to give a definitive answer on that.