What is the difference between Invoices and Payments on the dashboard?

See image below. Payments adds up dollar for dollar to the amount I have been paid in the time frame selected. Outstanding adds up dollar for dollar to the amount of outstanding invoices that I have sent out that have not been paid yet.

I can’t however for the life of me figure out what is included in the “Invoices” roll up? I had a hunch that maybe it includes unpaid deleted invoices, but that’s not the case as that sum was off.



@david @ben can you please advise?


Invoice should be the sum of all invoices generated in the time period, grouped into their currency

sum(invoices.amount) as invoiced_amount,
IFNULL(CAST(JSON_UNQUOTE(JSON_EXTRACT( clients.settings, '$.currency_id' )) AS SIGNED), :company_currency) AS currency_id
FROM clients
JOIN invoices
on invoices.client_id = clients.id
WHERE invoices.status_id IN (2,3,4)
AND invoices.company_id = :company_id
AND invoices.amount > 0
AND clients.is_deleted = 0
AND invoices.is_deleted = 0
AND (invoices.date BETWEEN :start_date AND :end_date)
            GROUP BY currency_id

Thanks David. I explored a little bit further and found that I had an invoice which was created last year, but paid this year, and thus my payments + outstanding was larger than invoices by the amount of that invoice.