What happens when you "Start" a recurring invoice after a "Pause?"

I have paused a Recurring Invoice.
I now need to “un-pause” it, and my only choice is a button titled “Start.”

My question is: If I push “Start” will that send a new invoice and initiate a new Stripe charge OR does InvoiceNinja know to just “re-activate” the recurring invoice and then wait until the existing “Next Send Date” to send and charge.

I want to be sure that this “paused” recurring invoice only “re-activates” or “un-pauses” and that it does NOT invoice and charge immediately and then set a new recurring date based on today.

Can you please confirm the “Start” button’s function?


If you restart the recurring invoice it will send the next invoice on the next send date.

Perhaps I’m a bit paranoid, but I certainly appreciate your quick response. Thanks!