What does the Invoice "Schedule" button do exactly?

Under Invoices, either edit and existing or create a new invoice. Now look at the top. There is a “Schedule” button up there next to the “Send Email” button. See my attached screenshot.

When I click it, it brings up an option that says “Email Record” or “Email Statement”.
I’m just not exactly sure what either of these does. Thanks!


You can use it to schedule the invoice to be emailed at a later date.

For example, if you enter +3 into the date field and click save the app will schedule the invoice to be sent in 3 days.

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Thanks @hillel !

I was hoping that was the case. Great feature.

What is the difference between “email report” and “email statement”?

There are two options “Email Record” and “Email Statement”.

The first option can be used to email an invoice, quote, credit or purchase order. The second option can be used to schedule sending client statements.

Perfect and thanks. That is what I expected.

If I set the Invoice Ninja send email default to 8:00AM, does the “Email record” choice send an email at 8:00AM on the date I chose?

@david can you please advise?


Thats correct. all send times should localize to the send time that is selected.