WHAT does "Self-Hosted" Invoice Ninja Account actually mean?

This is the most ignorant question anyone will see, and I sincerely apologize for that.
I am a simple photographer in a 1-person home based business and have used Invoice Ninja for several years from my desktop Mac computer; I have simply logged-in and created an invoice for each of my clients. I sign out when the invoice is completed and emailed. That’s it. They get the invoice in their email and can either pay by credit card or send me a check for services completed.

Does this mean I am “self hosted” or some other kind of Invoice Ninja user?

I ask only because I am getting notifications that I must “migrate” to version 5, that seems to target self-hosted users? Again, I use Invoice Ninja online; it is not on my computer.

Thanks very much -
Phil (ordinary non-accountant photo guy)


It sounds like you’re using the hosted platform.

Self-hosting the app requires installing the app on your own web server.

Thank you! I was very confused. I DO simply login to the online Invoice Ninja website to use it.

Do I actually do nothing after receiving these new version notications??? So confused as to next steps, expecially since I have several invoices active/unpaid at this time.

I keep seeing these “Version 4 Sunsetted” notifications, and very confused as to what I need to do.

There is an option to migrate to the new version of the app on Settings > Account Management.

Thank you so much!
I guess my final question is,
Should I wait until the handful of active invoices are paid?
Most customers do use the link I have provided on the current invoice email template to the Stripe card processor company.
EDIT: That link to stripe DOES go via something called app.invoiceninja dot com / view etc

After you migrate your v5 account will be inactive while you test it out. Once you’re happy with it you can activate v5 and forward v4 clients to it.

Thank you for your valuable help!

Happy to help, let us know if you have any other questions.

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