Wepay: payment method can no longer transact

Getting this for several of our customers today trying to charge their cards on file.

Can’t tell if this is because they had a few declines today and now it won’t let us retry anymore or??

Also can’t tell if this is coming from Invoice Ninja or Wepay itself, the message would seem to indicate that it’s from WePay but, could mean that it’s just a WePay gateway message internally in the Invoice Ninja code??? Reason I suspect it’s not directly from WePay is because I don’t actually shown any failures in my WePay console, I only see the approve and pending transactions with WePay regardless of the fact that I have had a number of declines with different messages including this one.

We had one customer who I asked to attempt to login and run the card on file after getting this message, he tried it, then removed and re-added his card on file and then it went through. So, not sure if this message is happening when customers just have bad card details on file or???

We are a long time WePay account holder in good standing through our Freshbooks account but they treat our new Invoice Ninja WePay account like it’s brand new and seem to be flagging everything as fraud even though we brought it to their attention that we are already long time customers. My patience is waring thin with WePay at this point.

Thanks for any light anyone can shine on this particular error message.

I’m sorry, I’m not sure there’s anything we can do to help with this.

If the gateway connection works at least sometimes then it means it’s correctly connected. These failures are typically due to the client’s specific card.