WePay integration into self hosted

I am trying to get WePay integrated into my self hosted install. I have the following variables in my .env:

WEPAY_ENVIRONMENT=production # production or stage
WEPAY_AUTO_UPDATE=true # Requires permission from WePay
WEPAY_THEME=’{“name”:“Invoice Ninja”,“primary_color”:“0b4d78”,“secondary_color”:“0b4d78”,“background_color”:“f8f8f8”,“button_color”:“33b753”}’ # See https://www.wepay.com/developer/reference/structures#theme

However I do not see the payment gateway option in settings. Is there something else I need to do?

The client id and secret are blank, you need to create a WePay application and populate the fields.

I did that but still nothing shows in the admin interface. Does it just not show up there?

There should be a ‘Signup with WePay’ button on /gateways/create

I do apologize. I did not look at the very top. I was looking under the drop down for WePay. Thanks for the quick response.

Ver 4.4.2 Self-hosted. I’m not finding a WePay button anywhere. Also not in the drop down. What am I missing?

WePay has changed their policy, they no longer support our self host users :frowning:

is there no workaround for this?

Sorry, not that I’m aware of

ok thanks, any chance you have a link on that policy change they did?

Sorry, I don’t. I suggest reaching out to them directly to ask.

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