WePay different email address

We are trying to setup WePay but the email used for the WePay account is different from the email we used for Invoice Ninja.

The gateway setup has a read only field for the email address. How can we set this up?


@david do you have any thoughts?

We are having unending problems with using WePay with Invoice Ninja.

I was able to setup WePay by creating an entirely new WePay account for Invoice Ninja to use that has the same email address as our Invoice Ninja account.

After adding the WePay Gateway to Invoice Ninja, I DO have a button for “Add Payment Method” on the Payment Methods page.

However, after actually going through and adding a Payment Method for ACH, the button disappears for ALL CLIENTS.

Please help. I need this all fixed in the next couple of days or I’m simply going to have to find another software to use.


ACH will only work for clients that have a country set of USA.

The country is set to USA.