Weird Bug/Issue "There was an error saving your invoice" Error

Running latest Invoice Ninja - v4.5.0
Server OS: Linux 2.6.32-896.16.1.lve1.4.51.el6.x86_64
PHP Version: 7.0.30
MySQL Version: 5.6.39-cll-lve

When creating or editing an invoice I get the pop up error “There was an error saving your invoice” error.


Also nothing showing as an issue on the web server error log or laravel-error.log

Contacted support via email and they were very helpful but we haven’t resolved the issue.

I’ve discovered (dont ask how) that when I type the words SEO services into the invoice item description I get the error. (see screencast

I even done a fresh install with with a new database and the issue remains, my short solution is dont type SEO services anywhere.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Just a user here, but figured I’d chime in.

Looking at that video, it appears the problem only disappears when you’ve gotten rid of the initial “SEO Services” paste. Does it still happen if you manually type “SEO Services” into a blank invoice instead of pasting? If not, there may be some screwy HTML getting pasted into the form that it’s not able to handle.

Haven’t been able to replicate it myself, and with nothing showing in the laravel or apache/nginx logs it’s hard to say. Try going to Settings -> System Settings and enabling Debugging. Then go through the process again and see if anything comes up in the debug console.

Thanks for your input. I was copy/pasting from Notepad++ but yes it’s the exact same if typed in manually. I’ve whittled it down now to the phrase seo service as apposed to seo services. Disabled all browser extensions and adblocker etc. still throws an error.

I enabling the debugger but nothing comes up in the debug console either, I’m baffled :slight_smile:

I too have the same error, it just all of a sudden happened

Did you type in the same phrase SEO Service?

I actually did have SEO in the description. When I first got the error, I thought it might be some word or space I added to the description that cause the issue because the save went through after i adjusted it . But when I edit the description again it gave the error again, same thing happened when I tred to createa new quote or invoice with out SEO anywhere mentioned. Maybe having the SEO phrase in the first place broke ninja. I’m 2 version behind, let me try to upgrade or reinstall to see if the issue continue.

Thanks for your input Nycwill, let me know if the issue remains or resolves if you upgrade or reinstall.

Okay I think I figure out what made it work again. I reinstalled and upgrade but it was still giving me the same error. Then I noticed that SEO was also mentioned in my product section, I guess when i created a quote it automatic made an entry in product page, so make sure there are no other SEO instances any where. I exported ato JSON and use something like to view/edit it, I edited and removed anything that had SEO mentioned and it worked.

It is a strange error, we should probably reported it as a bug.

it might be the formatting not the word SEO. I adjusted the spacing in my quotes and it saved even with the word SEO in it.