Website not opening

Hi there,

this is my website
I am trying to access my website from last couple of days but it shows blank page and also download a file automatically file name is download and has no extension but the window logo on it.

please help I don’t what is going on.



I assume it’s a configuration issue, has anything changed on the server?

Hi there,
No I did not change anything on server.
I have multidomain hosting and my other websites working fine except this one.

Please help me with any other suggestions. Did you guys same problem with any other client?


Sorry, this is the first time I’ve seen this problem.

Hi there,

Recently I had error on my website and that was resolved by changing from php version 7.3 to 7.0
Invoice ninja was working on php version 7.0 but recently hosting provider removed previous versions of php for security reasons and Now I have php 7.3 and 7.4 on my hosting account.
I requested support from invoice ninja see below

I don’t know if this is the issue again as I don’t have php 7.0 anymore on my hosting.

please can you check if Invoice ninja is working on php 7.3 and 7.4?


PHP 7.3 should be supported by all versions of the app.

Recently I changed from 7.3 to 7.0 as I had error so 7.3 and 7.4 didn’t work for me but 7.0 did work. I posted link of my old post in my previous reply. This time I am not getting any error just blank page and downloading file to computer. I tried to download the backup and tried to test in wamp but its not running in wamp. I mean it shows file tree in browser i.e. Similar to when we open ftp in browser. But it’s not executing homepage and again no error. Is there any separate process to install invoice ninja in wamp? Please help because I can’t access clients pending invoices

Maybe you were using an older version of the app, 7.0 used to work but is no longer supported.

Can we download and replace files with new version and delete old files?
I don’t want to use installation process because I want keep my old database


That should work but to be safe you may want to setup a new install using a copy of the database.

Hi there,

I made a completely new installation. That is working. But now I need to pull all my invoices and clients from my old database. what should I do?

By old database do you mean a v4 app or a v5 app?

Current installation shows following version

old version is : 4.5.17

I was having looking on schema of database. I found issue in new database table’s. Table structure is changed so I am not able to import data from all tables of old database to new database

please help me to get all data from all database to new database and get the app online so my client can print invoices as he need to file Income Tax Return and I am stuck.


You’ll need to update to the latest v4 to use the migration tool.

Hi there

Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me the name of migration tool and where to download that tool. Please help me where to find guide to use that tool.


It’s in the app on Settings > Account Management if you’re logged in as the account owner.

I am logged in as account owner but there is no option of migration

The option is in the latest v4 app

where to download latest v4 ?