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I recently switched my Invoice Ninja, that is self-hosted, to another web host. I created a json and sql dump to be sure I wouldn’t lose any data. Once migrated to the new web host, I tried to import the json file for all my settings and data, but I’m unable to view my past invoices. When I go the invoices page, and a click on a old invoice, I get the error “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”.

I tried also with the sql dump and I had the same issue. I can open/find all my other data (settings, quotation, expenses,…), but I’m not able to open the invoices. When I create a new invoice, that one works fine.

Any idea, what is wrong?

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We recommend using mysqldump to transfer the app between servers.

Did you copy over the .env file, if the APP_KEY value changes it can cause errors.


I copied the APP_KEY from the old .env file, but I still have the same issue.

Do you see any details about the error in storage/logs/

Is this the log you need?

Which version of PHP are you using and which exact version of v4?

Only the latest version (v4.5.46) supports PHP 7.4.

That was it! I was running a older version (4.5.34) and PHP 7.4 was selected as default.
I changed it to PHP 7.3 and it worked again. I will upgrade it later on, to be on the newest version.

Thanks for the support! :slightly_smiling_face:

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