Webhook not working proper

Hi there
I am trying to setup a webhook, but here is what is going on
If I sent an invoice for the first time after it been created, I get webhook call, but if I have to sent it again after been sent oonce, I don’t get webhook call.

If I sent it as a reminder it does not get called either



@david is the ‘Sent email’ webhook called each time the invoice is emailed or just the first time it’s marked as sent?


Only the first time.

can this be easy added to whenever time email is sent it call the webhook

also how and when it fires for reminder invoices

I am triyng to implement twilio SMS, I have tryied most plantforms around, but they don’t get all information for client, and your webhook does, but now I have this issue that it don’t fire every time we sent an email



is the expectation to fire everytime?

That would be my preference, same for sent quote, credit and PO

I love this, please implement it. any ideal on when it will be ready?

As is right now on v5.7.55-C142, how do I test remind invoices to fire the webhook?



any suggestion on how can I manually fire reminder webhook? I am work on get data from that call, but I dont know how to fire it up, advise.


It isn’t supported, you’d need to setup a test invoice with reminders.

thank you for your reply, is a way to setup the test invoice with reminder and run it on short intervals?

Not that I’m aware of


I really need your help on this, please.

Here is what I have done and working
webhook when send invoices. done and working proper.
webhook when reminder is email. Not working (I need help understanding how this works, when it get fireup)

I attached pictures below refrerence to my system settings.

Thank you

@david do you have any suggestions?

You’ll want to wait for the next releaase for the webhooks to be sent on eachemail event.

Also note, reminders are only sent if they have not been sent previously. So if you manually send a reminder 2 email, then it will not fire again.

Ok, I am going to reset database to empy and start over.

Thank you very much


Did this got implemented in this release yet? 5.xx.59