Web.php routes question

Hello. I was wondering why all my post request in my web.php file are all being redirected. No matter what I do and set the routes as POST request they are being redirected and will only run a get method. Is there anything in the code that is doing this behavior?

I cant find anywhere that is making the get request to the route cybersource.test … looking for clarification. Thank you!

my files below
Route::post(‘cybersource/test’, [CyberSourceController::class, ‘test’])->name(‘cybersource.test’);

CybersourceController file

Routes.json file

“cybersource.test”: {
“name”: “cybersource.test”,
“domain”: null,
“action”: “App\Http\Controllers\CyberSourceController@test”,
“uri”: “cybersource/test”,
“method”: [


@david do you have any suggestions?