"We can't find a user with that e-mail address." message

I cannot login to my account on V4 anymore from : Invoice Ninja | Free Source-Available Online Invoicing
When i try to recover the password using the same email I have been using for 4 years i get the following message “We can’t find a user with that e-mail address.”

Can you please let me know how i can fix this? It is extremely important for our business to get access back to our customer data.

Note that:

  • The account renewal was automatically renewed and paid on 15/10/2022
  • The same email that do not exist on V4 anymore was created on V5 today (not sure if it’s related)

Thank you


I suggest checking for emails from the app to confirm you’re using the correct email address.

If you need more help you may want to send an email to contact@invoiceninja.com.

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Hi Hillel, thank you for the above. Reaching out again as I wasn’t able to progress and still cannot access my V4 account using my correct email (i did copy the email from the App). I tried to reach out to support through the V5 portal, email on contact@invoiceninja.com and slack without success. Is there any other way we can communicate? Thank you for your help

If you sent an email I’m sure you’ll receive a response soon.