Want to ask about Malaysia E Invoice system upcoming implementation and Enforcement

Hi Good Day everyone.

First of all, im no programmer, so theres a high chances i didnt know anything about the things im talking after this.

Malaysian Government has announce that they will move towards E-Invoice system for whole taxpayers in Malaysia, and the End Date for the implementation is on 2025.

So they also provide direct portal and also provide SDK for integration into existing Accounting software to integrate into their system.

So I wonder if you can integrate the system into InvoiceNinja or its not suitable to be integrated into InvoiceNinja.

As per below is the government bodies that are involve in managing the E Invoice system for Malaysia:




It will be good if whatever they (the gov agencies) are talking about here can be implemented into InvoiceNinja as I have been continuously use InvoiceNinja and subscribed for a few years already.

But as I am no developer, so i didnt understand any of this. So im hoping if any of you that are experienced in this can take a look and provide your opinion either this can be implemented.


@david any thoughts?

We can certainly assist, but like other e-invoicing implementations, we require a local developer to lead these kinds of efforts as there is a too much local knowledge required for us to implement this ourselves.