Viewing PDF throws 404

I just upgraded to version 5.5.45-M102 and am using the Mac app. When I try to view or print a PDF I receive a 404:

I’ve tried snappdf, phantom and hosted_ninja and each produce the same result. What is broken that needs fixing?

when I try to just SEND an invoice I get a 500
Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 3.12.41 PM

Update: the 500 was when SnapPDF was set as the PDF generation method. When I change it back to phantom and run php artisan optimize I’m able to send the email, BUT, the preview still fails on the Mac desktop app.


Are you able to view the PDF in the web app or do you see the same error?


Sounds like you need to update the cache with /update?secret=secret

I ran the update?secret=[mysecret] and below are the results:

  • PDF Preview DOES work on the website
  • In the app (Mac 5.0.102 (102)) I’ve “refreshed data”, and restated the app, but I still get that route error