Viewing invoices on mobile devices

When viewing the invoices on a mobile device browser the invoices don’t show up. The client needs to download the attachment and then open the invoice in Acrobat or other supported app.

Is there a way to make it possible/easier to view invoices on mobile devices?
If not, is there a future plan that addresses this situation?

Many of my customers may only be viewing their invoices on mobile devices, so this is a big concern for me.

Any info in regards to this would be appreciated.


I think it depends on the mobile device and browser.

Which device\browser is your client using, it may work if they use a different browser.

Chrome on Android isn’t working.

I just tried on Dolphin and that worked fine.

I’m waiting to hear back from someone with Safari. I’ll post back as soon as I hear from them.

Thanks, that’s helpful. We’ll look into this for a future release.

Would setting the alternate PDF viewer option in Settings / Account Management work, or is does that just change it for administrative users and not clients?

It currently just sets it for the specific user, not clients.

So I tested this out in different browsers and on 4 different Mobile Devices.
iPhone6, iPhone5, GalaxyS6, Motorala Droid Turbo2
Here is what I found

Safari - The invoice CAN be viewed inside the browser

Chrome - The invoice CAN’T be viewed inside the browser and instead triggers an automatic download of the PDF
Firfox - The invoice CAN’T be viewed inside the browser and instead triggers an automatic download of the PDF
Dolphin - The invoice CAN be viewed inside the browser
Opera - The invoice CAN be viewed inside the browser
Puffin - The invoice CAN be viewed inside the browser

At the moment I didn’t get a chance to test it on any other browsers on an iPhone

Looking into this more, It seems that this may be an Android Chrome related issue, since I found lots of other issues regarding the inability to view PDFs directly in the Chrome browser on Android devices. Furthermore, I installed and tested the Chrome Canary developer app and also the similar Firefox app to see if they would open on there in hopes this is a situation that is being worked on… but, the PDFs still couldn’t be viewed in the browser

The big downside is that Chrome is typically the default browser on many Android devices, so those clients won’t be able to view the invoices directly in the browser. It’s not the end of the world, but not very convenient either.

Do you think there is any way this can be worked out on the Invoice Ninja side??

Thanks again, the App still rocks in my opinion!

Thanks, that’s extremely helpful!

Our app provides two ways to display the PDF:

  • On Chrome and Firefox we support using the browser’s built in PDF viewer
  • For all other browsers we use PDF.js to display the PDF

My guess is we’re trying to use the native renderers on mobile as well which may explain why only Chrome and Firefox are failing. If this is the case we should be able to fix this by restricting the native renderers to desktop browsers only.

Assuming this fixes it we’ll include the change with our next release.

Great! Mobile support across all devices/browsers is so very important for us. As I’m sure we are not alone with this, more and more of my customers are viewing and paying their invoices right from their phones and I’m sure this will only keep increasing over time… it’s soooo very important!

Thanks again!

+1 for this, same issue in another post.

This issue is not resolved. We desperately need customers to be able to view the entire invoice. When it loads on mobile they CANNOT scroll the pages, it only shows part of the first page of the invoice! Help! We just found out about this! Also if they try to hit download it doesn’t just open it tries to save to icloud on an iPhone and doesnt work.

Which browser are they using?

Sorry, we don’t have a solution for this.