View recurring invoice -> You are not authorized to view or perform this action


I am viewing a client using the “client portal.” However, when I view the list of recurring invoices (the list displays fine), if I click on “view,” I am greeted with the error message, “You are not authorized to view or perform this action.”

This error only occurs for recurring invoices. Payments & regular invoices display fine.

Is this expected behavior, or is this a bug?



Thanks for reporting this, it sounds like a bug.

cc @david @ben

I think this is an issue when invoice ninja is installed in a directory, or the APP_URL path isn’t consistent.

you may need to add another .env variable


Thanks David,
Yes, Invoice Ninja is installed in a sub-directory, if that is relevant.
I have added the ASSETS_URL… to this sub-directory in the .env file, but still the error persists.
Is there anything else I would need to do?

On line 6-7 of the .env file, I have:


Is there a way I can “view” the details of recurring invoices from the client portal (the list displays fine, but when I click on “view” I am greeted with “You are not authorized to view of perform this action”


I have a similar issue on a self-hosted site: clients can view invoices from the email link and client portal just fine, but the quote link gives the same error message “You are not authorized to view or perform this action.” as described above. From within the client portal invoices can be viewed, but not quotes.

I’ve tried the suggestions made above, but the problem persists.

Happy to give any suggestions a try.


Can you check in Account Management > Enabled Modules that recurring invoices is selected?

Yes, all the options have check marks in “enabled modules.”

Is there anything else I might try, or another way to troubleshoot (I can give you a login if that would help)

Can you try disabling a module then saving, and then reenabling (any) module and saving. I think it may be a base value in this section that could be causing the issue.

I have disabled all the modules & saved & then enabled all the modules & saved. Sadly when I go to the client portal, I can view the list of recurring invoices, but when I click on “view,” I am greeted with the error message, “You are not authorized to view or perform this action.”

Is there anything else I might try, or any other way to troubleshoot?

I can confirm the disable/enable option also failed to solve it for me.


Just tried turning off the client portal, saved setting and then tried viewing a quote and invoice. Both gave the not authorised message, which is what I expected.

Turned it back on, saved and tried again. Now both quote and invoice viewing give the not authorised message, so that appears to have broken the invoice option.

Ran php artisan optimise again just to be sure, but it remains broken.


As a follow-up, the client invoice works again.

Just installed the latest update (v5.3.3-C58) but alas, the quote still gives the same error.


I’m very happy I came across this post, I thought I was going crazy.
I am experiencing same exact issues as @madumi
I have also tried the recommendations posted up here, nothing works.


Hi All,

When I first created the recurring invoices, they are by default set to “pending” once the cron job runs to send out = php artisan ninja:send-reminders , then the recurring invoice turned green as ACTIVE.

Once that happened a copy recurring invoice was pushed in Invoices.

Then when logged in as the end user, I am now able to browse to the regular invoice and view it.

But when i browse over to Recurring Invoice i still see
{“message”:“You are not authorized to view or perform this action”}


@david any thoughts?


Can you advise your hosting configuration, I haven’t been able to recreate this.

Hello team,

Jumping into the thread since i’m having the same issue, although not with recurrent invoices, but with quotes. :sweat_smile: Already tried:

  • Disable/enable all modules
  • Add ASSETS_URL in .env file and run php artisan optimize
  • Update to the latest version (i’m currently on v5.3.10-C59)

Invoices do work, but quotes don’t. I’m quick testing the problem by clicking the three dots next to the invoice / quote and clicking “client portal”.

Thanks in advance for all the help,

This one is puzzling as I can’t recreate.

Can you advise your hosting environment?

Also, can you confirm the quotes module is enabled in the admin portal?

Sure thing. I’m self-hosting at Fastcomet with PHP v7.4.23, mysql 5.7.35 and Apache 2.4.48.

Yes, quotes module is on.


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I have exactly the same situation with the same hosting provider too (fastcomet). Fresh new setup just build 2 days ago from scratch.