View invoice links created in V4 do NOT work after V5 migration

I have a huge problem.
Currently View invoice links created in V4 do NOT work after V5 migration.
This creates a massive problem since I have invoices that were supposed to be paid on the 4th and 5th of November.


Have you configured the forwarding in v4 on Settings > Account Management.

Yes, I did. I’m also in touch with support but it has been 4 hours since their reply where they provided the link to the forwarding section. I used my the domain address in the client portal section is a subdomain of our own domain, i.e . This sub domain was also used by V4.

I’m normally very calm and do not wait instant reply , usually allow min 2 days for a reply but this is little urgent since I have people travelling to Turkey and the invoice link is their method of payment once they arrive to their destination. (I’m stressed!)

We are on Enterprise package if it helps.

I think the problem might be related that the URL structures are different



If the forwarding is setup correctly it should work.

@david any thoughts?

The setup consists of a single field which is a simple URL. There isn’t an issue with the setup, assuming I can use our own domain name in the forward to URL section.

v4 and v5 client portal domains cannot be the same, otherwise you would be attempting to forward from v4 to v4.

you’ll want to create a new domain for v5.

Thank you for your reply.
This information must go in the migration documentation then. Normally you want to keep things as they were when you are migrating.