Verify installation

So i’ve installed Invoice Ninja twice. The first time yesterday and today when I updated I got a JSON error (end of file) followed with a HTTP 500 error.

I reinstalled everything, like my previous installation after the last step the installation starts from the beginning but If I go to the Ninja Invoice domain (eg. everything seems to be OK.

I got this error in my laravel.log file:
[2021-09-12 12:05:18] production.INFO: db fails
[2021-09-12 12:07:41] production.INFO: latest version = 5.3.10
[2021-09-12 12:07:42] production.INFO: latest version = 5.3.10
[2021-09-12 12:12:55] production.INFO: latest version = 5.3.10

Is there any way or command to verify the install?

Version: 5.3.10
OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Webserver: nginx
PHP: 7.4

There is a health check option in the admin portal, you can see it by clicking the about icon in the lower left corner of the admin portal.

@david any thoughts on

Thanks, everything is good with the health check. Dunno if it maybe was a permission error? I have 755 on directories and 644 on files and now on my second install I also gave the storage folder 775 permissions.

If this for some reason happends again when we are using it in production, is there any instructions on how to rescue a broken system if you have a existing backup and the old .env file?

That’s all you would need to setup a new install of the app.

Thank you, thats good to know for the feature.

Here’s my nginx log file, maybe I have to look through my nginx configuration.

How have you installed the app? it looks like there are issues with your composer dependencies.

This is how I went at it:

  1. Downloaded latest zip file (extracted the zip file)
  2. Set folder permissions
  3. Ran installation

Everything seems to be working, the vendor directory is populated. I just wanted to be sure so I don’t start migrating everything to a broken install. :grinning: