Vendor Portal - Can only see Purchase Order only or others?

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Is there only 1 type of Vendor Portal, which is for Purchase Order only? (Such as the one in the picture attached here)

Or is there another type of Vendor Portal that show things like Payment Status to a Vendor?



I’m not sure I understand, there’s a client portal which clients can use to see the status of their payments.

Can we have a similar portal for vendors?

here’s the process of me using Invoice Ninja to buy products and services from my supplier:
(1) I create a PO and “Send Email” to the Vendor
(2) Vendor accepts the PO and then issues me an Invoice, which they do so via email separately.
(3) PO gets converted to Expense
(4) I pay up the invoice and slides “Mark Paid”
(5) End

Will an email be sent to the Vendor to let them know that I have paid up after I slide “Mark Paid”?

Will the Vendor Portal be able to show that I have paid up? If not, and it’s just my humble opinion, what’s the purpose of me updating in Invoice Ninja that I have paid up and it does nothing to inform the Vendor that I have already paid up?

Also, can the Vendor send their invoice to me via the Vendor Portal?



Thanks for the feedback! cc @david

POs are a relatively new feature, we’re actively working to improve it. These features aren’t currently supported but if you’d like to request/track them feel free to create issues here:

Thanks for considering my feedback.

If Invoice Ninja can have a “Send Email” function to create a PO, I am sure creating a “Send Email” to notify them of payment or better yet sends them our bank transfer slip via Invoice Ninja will be a good thing for us too.


We can add a expense setting notify_vendor_when_paid to cover these.

I will also add in a user notififcation for when a purchase order has been approved.

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Thanks! May I know when will this be roll out?


We can’t provide any timelines.

We are not rolling out any major releases over the coming break.

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