Vat on discounts - New feature request

Some industries calculate VAT on discount. it would be great to have this feature in.

Example: i am selling a product for 1’000 EUR on which i have 10% discount and vat rate is 20%

basically the invoice would look like this

quantity|description|Unit price|Total |discount ( on total)|discount total excl VAT|VAT %| Total VAT
1 | product x |1’086.96 |1’086.96 |10% |108.7 |20% |21.74

Subtotal CHF 1’086.96
Total discount CHF -108.70
Total VAT CHF 21.74
Invoice total CHF 1’000.00

does it make sense? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion!

If other users also request it we’ll consider it for a future release.