VAT inclusive/exclusive Taxes: Overridable on invoice level

In our industry, it is common practice for VAT:

  • That the VAT is included in the product price for private customers (VAT inclusive)
  • But for business customers the VAT is added to the product price (VAT exclusive)
    → they don’t care about the VAT because they can deduct it from their taxes later…

Since the setting “inclusive taxes” is only global, it is impossible to work like this…
It would be great, if the “inclusive taxes” setting could be overridden on product and/or invoice level.


This isn’t currently supported, feel free to create an issue to request the feature.

Found it.
Actually it is implemented:
Invoice>settings>tax-included (Y/N)

Sorry, I apologize. I forgot that we added support for this in the v5 version of the app.