VAT calculation for MOSS reports

First time poster, new subscriber.

I think that Invoice Ninja may solve a major pain point for us. There is, however, one thing that I find missing on the reports: the client’s country.

Why is this important?
When you sell to consumers in the EU, you need to charge them their local VAT. So if I sell to someone in France or Austria, there’s 20% VAT. If the customer is in Germany, it’s 19% (temporarily 16%, due to Covid).

I then need to transfer all the VAT I charged the customer to something called MOSS - the Mini One Stop Shop where I send them all the VAT I took from the customer and I tell them how much is supposed to go to France, to Germany, to Austria and so on.

But I can’t add the client’s country to the Invoice report. I can only add the tax rate (ie, 16%). There’s a work around by naming the Tax rate “VAT France” instead of “VAT”, but being able to add the country would be quite helpful.


Welcome, thanks for the feedback!

In the next version of the app we’ve made the report column selection much more flexible, we’ll make sure the country field is included.

You can see the demo here: