Is that Partial/Deposit in creating invoice and paid to date in pdf same thing?

  • The ‘partial/deposit’ field is used to accept a partial payment, rather than the full amount.
  • ‘paid to date’ shows how much the client has paid so far towards the invoice.

that sounds similar.

what do i do when I need to make an invoice for let’s say…

invoice $280
discount $50
receive payment before I create the invoice $100

If you can show me the screenshot, much appreciated.

Thank you

Can you please explain what you mean by “receive payment before I create the invoice $100”


let’s say the client and i know that the total invoice is $280 minus discount $50 so total is $230
then the client give me the money of $100 and ask me to send him the invoice.

I this situation, what I understand is I put that $100 in [Partial/Deposit] when creating invoice and I write everything such as

invoice $280
discount $30
money received or partial payment or partial due or deposit or whatever this is called is $100

I want to send the invoice, the pdf and the email with all same info but I get lost.
I get lost which field to use, what variables to use etc.

I hope you understand the situation better now.

I think I understand, in that case you’d want to enter a payment for $100.

which variable to use for the email

  • total invoice amount
  • received money/partial/deposit and date
  • balance or the invoice minus deposit

Thank you

We currently support three email variables:

  • $total: The invoice total
  • $balance: The remaining balance
  • $amount: The requested amount

$balance and $amount are only different if a value is set for the partial/deposit field.

– $total: The invoice total
– $balance: The remaining balance

show the same value in the email, why is this?

Has a payment been made? Initially the values for the invoice will be the same.

Yes, it has payment/deposit

I’m not sure, I’m not able to replicate the problem.